Three Annoying Symptoms Of Menopause And What To Do About Them

Menopause is a word that many women are all too familiar with, as it is a time in their life that officially puts an end to their reproductive cycle. Menopause usually occurs after the age of 40, and while some women welcome this change in their life, others find it quite difficult. No matter how women feel about going through menopause, many women agree that there are some pretty annoying symptoms associated with this condition.

Here are three annoying symptoms of menopause and what to do about them.

Vaginal Dryness

This symptom is caused by the changes in hormones that women experience during menopause and is usually associated with a drop in estrogen levels. Not only can vaginal dryness be extremely uncomfortable, but it can also cause pain during sexual intercourse.

Some ways to treat vaginal dryness include using lubricants and moisturizers. There are also surgical options, which includes vaginal rejuvenation. Besides helping you to regain moisture in your intimate areas, this type of procedure will also help tighten the vagina and improve elasticity.

Hot Flashes

One of the most frequently occurring symptoms of menopause is hot flashes. It's not clear what causes hot flashes during menopause, but it could have something to do with changes in the circulatory system. Women who experience hot flashes state that they feel a hot sensation that happens suddenly and without warning. Some women even experience getting red-faced, a faster heart rate, and profuse sweating. 

While there is really no cure for hot flashes, there are some ways for women to manage this symptom. One way to do this is to avoid things that can trigger hot flashes, including caffeine, spicy foods, and wearing clothing that is too tight. Some women who experience hot flashes find that exercising and keeping their home at a cooler temperature can help to manage this symptom.

Mood Swings

More than half of all women approaching menopause have experienced mood swings and emotional instability. These drastic shifts in the emotions are largely due to the change in hormones that happen before and during menopause. Women who have mood swings tend to feel a wide range of emotions in a short period of time, including sadness, depression, irritability, aggression, and anxiety.

There are many things women can do to treat this particular symptom of menopause. Some of the most effective types of treatments for mood swings include eating a healthy diet, getting the appropriate amount of exercise, aromatherapy, taking supplements, and prescription medications. Contact a medical office like Refined Dermatology for more information and assistance. 

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