3 Reasons To See A Dermatologist

There are many people who wonder if they should be seeing a dermatologist. When most people think about a dermatologist, they think about someone who works with skin, but they don't really know the reasons to see the doctor. Here are some common reasons for you to see the dermatologist.

1. You Have Itching Or Irritable Skin

It is normal to have skin that itches or burns if you have some sort of temporary infection. For instance, something like strep throat or an illness with a fever can cause you to get a rash and burn and itch. But there are people who have itching problems beyond a temporary illness. They might have rashes that are constantly reoccurring, dryness to their skin like eczema, and even itching without rashes that can be problematic. In this case, you would need to see the dermatologist for a possible diagnosis and treatment. You could have a condition such as dermatitis herpitiformis, an autoimmune illness of the skin, or you could have an allergy to something. You might even have some eczema that needs to be treated. All of these things can be treated with medication and lifestyle change, but until the dermatologist can confirm the reason for the discomfort, you might feel miserable.

2. You Have Changes In A Mole

Another reason to see the dermatologist is if you have a mole that you are seeing changes with. Most people have moles on their skin, and usually they are fine. However, if you have skin cancer, one of the first signs that you will notice is a change in the mole. You might see the border around the mole becomes less distinct, and it will bleed out. You might also notice the color of the mole changing. This is a bad sign, as well as it becoming less symmetrical. Moles should look the same in shape and color on one side as they do on the other side.

If you notice any change, talk to the dermatologist. They will get you early treatment.

3. Cosmetic Changes

Lastly, you can always see a dermatologist if you would like to make cosmetic changes to your skin. Dermatologists can put fillers in your skin to help make it tighter and plumper. You can get the look that you want on your face and other areas of your skin by simply talking to the dermatologist.

As you can see, an expert in dermatology can help you with many things.

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